Slay Naturals Slay! High Puff Routine

Like I said in my previous post I am in love with my hair and have found ways to deal with it and was to mitigate the problems faced with having short 4c hair. One of my recent fun and easy go to hairstyle is the high puff and as promised I will tell you all how I achieve this hair style.

High Puff Routine
Wet your hair with water from a spray bottle (not soaked) but just wet enough to soften and make my stands easier to manage.Apply coconut oil trough out your entire hair while massaging your scalp.In order to lock in the curls you are about to achieve when cornrowing apply some shea moisture miracle styler leave-in treatment.Separate your hair into 3 sections 2 in the front and 1 in the back to help detangle; combing it out with a wide tooth comb from ends to roots.Separate the previous sections into smaller sections and then cornrow it; two strand twisting the ends (that will create a curl pattern).To help your hair with growth apply vitamin E oil between each cornrow and along your …

100% Natural Babe Wash Day Routine

I have been 100% natural for a year and four month now but prior to my natural journey from childhood till teenage years my hair was straightened with chemical first accidentally then my mother continued straitening my hair in order to manage my hair texture.

In April of 2018, a few hour after I had straightened my hair I decided to cut my hair and transition to fully natural during my journey I embraced my natural hair and I loved it!!
 Through out the year and four months of my journey I have learnt tips and tricks on how to manage and improve the growth of my 4c hair.

Wash Day Routine!!!!! (4c Natural Hair)

Humber Boutique Staff's Diary

I started my internship at humber college's boutique and so far it has been such a wonderful experience working along side the boutique's manager; a self motivated, single mother and entrepreneur Charlene McFarelane. She has been such a motivation and role model, she makes the boutique welcoming to all.

The manager recently organized a workshop which I had the pleasure of attending and assisting. The workshop was held on Thursday July 11th 2019 for high school students from the Humber College Experience program and they got a glimpse into one of the Humber Fashion Art & Business program projects “Company Profiles” where the manager displayed and explained a completed Customer Profile on Nordstromcanada denim using learnings taught by the Trend Analysis professor Julie Savile.

At the boutique there is a lot of opportunity to explore the various fields within the fashion industry. 

~ Truly Jimilia

Thrift Flip With Me

Up cycling is not new to me; I have always been changing and redesigning my old clothing into new fresh fashionable look that I would suit my personality.

Being here in Canada I learnt about thrift shopping from some of my friends at school; which is going to shop at a store that sells secondhand clothes and other household goods with prices being commonly bellow $20 and the money is used to raise funds for a charitable institution called a THRIFT STORE. The idea of shopping cheap for a cause (not like fast fashion tho) interested me so I jumped on YouTube to see what people were saying about thrift shopping and I discovered THRIFT FLIPPING which is basically what I did with my old clothing and that encouraged me try it out.

I visited one of the recommended thrift stores “Value Village” 1020 Islington Ave, Etobico, Ontario CanadaI spent hours looking through clothing and got a few pieces. I came across this yellow dress and was in love with the colour of the fabric and the embroidered f…

Up-cycling My Lime Green Mini Dress

Lime green is my favorite colour and I didn't have any fashion pieces in lime green pieces because I was reluctant to wear this colour because I thought bright colours wouldn't compliment my complexion but boy was I wrong!. Last year I was the bravest version of myself and I went for the risk by creating a mini bodycon beach dress in a lime green fabric.

The dress came out perfect and I loved it because it added to my complexion; making me glowww!!

Recently I picked this dress up from my closet to wear to summer school and realized that it was now too short for me, I immediately had the idea to change this dress into a cute unique crop top (but not too crop). 

First I cut off the straps and plaited 3 of themAfter I cut the body (from the waist down to the hem) of the dress into a square like shapeThen I shaped the square into crop vest; cutting the necklines and arm holesFinally I thread my machine and sewed the pieces together; attaching the plaited piece to the neckline and do…

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

What are you passionate about?
What Is your end goal?

     Mine is to be happy! lol that's such a cliché… My actual goal is to follow my dreams by using my God given talent and to be happy while doing what I love.

Work Towards Your Dream...

2012 My dream was and will remain becoming a fashion designer and from an early age I researched on fashion designers and everything I did resembled exactly that; I could remember in high school I would sewing bows that matched my uniform and putting them on my shoes, on my school bag and in my hair and from then I exhibited my passion and began to express it even more when I helped my grandmother created matching outfits for me and my friends to go to a school’s party. From that time I placed the term “fashion designer” in the heads of mostly everyone at school and everyone that knew me. 

Invest In Your Dream...
My parents were super supportive and encouraged me to follow my dream even if I changed my mind from wanting to become a lawyer to now wa…

Who Are You Sis?

The name is Jimilia Isidore.
      I am a God fearing 23 year old young woman from the beautiful island of St.Lucia with a deep passion for fashion, that includes fashion designing which I have been doing from age 9 and currently learning skills to develop and grow my own fashion brand. Also everything HAIR which I have loved since I discovered I had hair lol. I am presently attending Fashion Art & Business school at Humber college in Canada and have discovered a new love for fashion styling and I want to explore this field more...

        "Truly Jimilia" is a blog about my Creative lifestyle and Interests. In this blog you will get to see how I come up with sketches, create discrete fashionable outfits, transform old/thrift attire into fashionable fresh looks by up-cycling.You will also learn I style my short 4c natural hair for various occasions on the less fashion side of things I will be speaking a…