Who Are You Sis?

                                                                      The name is Jimilia Isidore.
      I am a God fearing 23 year old young woman from the beautiful island of St.Lucia with a deep passion for fashion, that includes fashion designing which I have been doing from age 9 and currently learning skills to develop and grow my own fashion brand. Also everything HAIR which I have loved since I discovered I had hair lol. I am presently attending Fashion Art & Business school at Humber college in Canada and have discovered a new love for fashion styling and I want to explore this field more...
        "Truly Jimilia" is a blog about my Creative lifestyle and Interests. In this blog you will get to see how I come up with sketches, create discrete fashionable outfits, transform old/thrift attire into fashionable fresh looks by up-cycling.You will also learn I style my short 4c natural hair for various occasions on the less fashion side of things I will be speaking about my spirituality, encouraging and advising you guys on different life challenges we face on a daily.

Come Along This Journey With Me ! It Will Be A Learning Experience For Us All!! 

~ Truly Jimilia


  1. Awesome start! Keep it up
    I'll be locked on 👏

  2. Proud of you!
    - Charlene McFarlane, 2 CAN WIN

  3. I’m so proud of you Jimilla.. continue down the path of success.

  4. Yes sistah....dats d way....looks great

  5. May the Almighty father continue to keep you covered and protected as you aspire to reach your goals..
    Keep it up Jimilia!!

  6. You go girl! Do your best as you aspire to greatness!

  7. I'm so proud of best friend doing big . Keep doing what you're doing , I can see that you gonna have a bright future ❤️

  8. I'm so proud of you may the lord continue to pour his blessings upon you and may you continue putting your all in him

  9. Xoxo baby girl my one and only princess


  10. Hi Jimila. I'm so proud of the young,, BEAUTIFUL,, ELEGANT and BRILLIANT young woman you've become. I pray that that know weapon form against shall prosper. You are under God's protection. Remember,, ALWAYS put God first,, and he will see you through. Love you,, sweetheart.


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