Humber Boutique Staff's Diary

I started my internship at humber college's boutique and so far it has been such a wonderful experience working along side the boutique's manager; a self motivated, single mother and entrepreneur Charlene McFarelane. She has been such a motivation and role model, she makes the boutique welcoming to all.

The manager recently organized a workshop which I had the pleasure of attending and assisting. The workshop was held on Thursday July 11th 2019 for high school students from the Humber College Experience program and they got a glimpse into one of the Humber Fashion Art & Business program projects “Company Profiles” where the manager displayed and explained a completed Customer Profile on Nordstromcanada denim using learnings taught by the Trend Analysis professor Julie Savile.

Humber College Experience Program

High School Students Having Fun Dressing Up at The Boutique 

At the boutique there is a lot of opportunity to explore the various fields within the fashion industry. 
Visual Merchandising 

Pricing and Inventory

~ Truly Jimilia


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