Thrift Flip With Me

Up cycling is not new to me; I have always been changing and redesigning my old clothing into new fresh fashionable look that I would suit my personality.

Being here in Canada I learnt about thrift shopping from some of my friends at school; which is going to shop at a store that sells secondhand clothes and other household goods with prices being commonly bellow $20 and the money is used to raise funds for a charitable institution called a THRIFT STORE. The idea of shopping cheap for a cause (not like fast fashion tho) interested me so I jumped on YouTube to see what people were saying about thrift shopping and I discovered THRIFT FLIPPING which is basically what I did with my old clothing and that encouraged me try it out.

I visited one of the recommended thrift stores “Value Village” 1020 Islington Ave, Etobico, Ontario Canada I spent hours looking through clothing and got a few pieces. I came across this yellow dress and was in love with the colour of the fabric and the embroidered flower design which would fit perfectly this summer. 

When I got home I hand washed the dress and hanged it out to dry then I laid it on my bed and studied it for a while to see how I can alter or redesign it to make it look more like me.

I finally decided to shorten the dress and use that extra fabric to create new straps with ruffles on it also to add a strap that would tie in the front.

 I slept on the idea and the nest morning i started to work on it.

And soon enough I birthed this beautiful, fun and playful yellow summer dress!!

~ Truly Jimilia


  1. God has blessed u with a talent. That's awesome ,keep using it for me πŸ™

  2. Awesome job Jim Jim. Keep up the God work. May God continue to bless you creative ideas and designs.

  3. Wonderful work of design hun.❤️ Continue doing what you do bestπŸ€—

  4. that's amazing sister sister keep using ur hands to do ur amazing work the most high bless u with that give thanks for the talent sis keep pushing forward SHAWAY

  5. Keep on trusting the process love.....
    #stayfocused #stayhumble #respect #trust #believe in you always (innovation)

  6. You need to teach me how to make something cute lol.. I need to learn how to use a sewing machine


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