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Humber Boutique Staff's Diary

I started my internship at humber college's boutique and so far it has been such a wonderful experience working along side the boutique's manager; a self motivated, single mother and entrepreneur Charlene McFarelane. She has been such a motivation and role model, she makes the boutique welcoming to all.

The manager recently organized a workshop which I had the pleasure of attending and assisting. The workshop was held on Thursday July 11th 2019 for high school students from the Humber College Experience program and they got a glimpse into one of the Humber Fashion Art & Business program projects “Company Profiles” where the manager displayed and explained a completed Customer Profile on Nordstromcanada denim using learnings taught by the Trend Analysis professor Julie Savile.

At the boutique there is a lot of opportunity to explore the various fields within the fashion industry. 

~ Truly Jimilia

Thrift Flip With Me

Up cycling is not new to me; I have always been changing and redesigning my old clothing into new fresh fashionable look that I would suit my personality.

Being here in Canada I learnt about thrift shopping from some of my friends at school; which is going to shop at a store that sells secondhand clothes and other household goods with prices being commonly bellow $20 and the money is used to raise funds for a charitable institution called a THRIFT STORE. The idea of shopping cheap for a cause (not like fast fashion tho) interested me so I jumped on YouTube to see what people were saying about thrift shopping and I discovered THRIFT FLIPPING which is basically what I did with my old clothing and that encouraged me try it out.

I visited one of the recommended thrift stores “Value Village” 1020 Islington Ave, Etobico, Ontario CanadaI spent hours looking through clothing and got a few pieces. I came across this yellow dress and was in love with the colour of the fabric and the embroidered f…

Up-cycling My Lime Green Mini Dress

Lime green is my favorite colour and I didn't have any fashion pieces in lime green pieces because I was reluctant to wear this colour because I thought bright colours wouldn't compliment my complexion but boy was I wrong!. Last year I was the bravest version of myself and I went for the risk by creating a mini bodycon beach dress in a lime green fabric.

The dress came out perfect and I loved it because it added to my complexion; making me glowww!!

Recently I picked this dress up from my closet to wear to summer school and realized that it was now too short for me, I immediately had the idea to change this dress into a cute unique crop top (but not too crop). 

First I cut off the straps and plaited 3 of themAfter I cut the body (from the waist down to the hem) of the dress into a square like shapeThen I shaped the square into crop vest; cutting the necklines and arm holesFinally I thread my machine and sewed the pieces together; attaching the plaited piece to the neckline and do…