Up-cycling My Lime Green Mini Dress

Lime green is my favorite colour and I didn't have any fashion pieces in lime green pieces because I was reluctant to wear this colour because I thought bright colours wouldn't compliment my complexion but boy was I wrong!. Last year I was the bravest version of myself and I went for the risk by creating a mini bodycon beach dress in a lime green fabric.

Lime Green Mini Bodycon Dress

The dress came out perfect and I loved it because it added to my complexion; making me glowww!!

Recently I picked this dress up from my closet to wear to summer school and realized that it was now too short for me, I immediately had the idea to change this dress into a cute unique crop top (but not too crop). 

  • First I cut off the straps and plaited 3 of them
  • After I cut the body (from the waist down to the hem) of the dress into a square like shape
  • Then I shaped the square into crop vest; cutting the necklines and arm holes
  • Finally I thread my machine and sewed the pieces together; attaching the plaited piece to the neckline and doing any adjustments necessary 

Final Product!

~ Truly Jimilia


  1. Well done sis .. video well edited as well keep up the good work

  2. I don't know you but when you were back home i always admire you...continue doing a fab job...
    #1 fan��

  3. Awwww I'm speechless continue striving

    1. Awww am excited that am touching people's heart by following my dreams! Continue to support me!!

  4. Wonderful work Jimilia, so proud of you

  5. that's beautiful i want a crop too lol
    but not for me lol it's for ali ♡

  6. The way I admire that top uh �� its fire ��and the way you rock it ������keep up the work #secret.admirer

  7. I love this creativeness/fashion passion you have cousin.. you’re doing an amazing job and I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work...


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