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Slay Naturals Slay! High Puff Routine

Like I said in my previous post I am in love with my hair and have found ways to deal with it and was to mitigate the problems faced with having short 4c hair. One of my recent fun and easy go to hairstyle is the high puff and as promised I will tell you all how I achieve this hair style.

High Puff Routine
Wet your hair with water from a spray bottle (not soaked) but just wet enough to soften and make my stands easier to manage.Apply coconut oil trough out your entire hair while massaging your scalp.In order to lock in the curls you are about to achieve when cornrowing apply some shea moisture miracle styler leave-in treatment.Separate your hair into 3 sections 2 in the front and 1 in the back to help detangle; combing it out with a wide tooth comb from ends to roots.Separate the previous sections into smaller sections and then cornrow it; two strand twisting the ends (that will create a curl pattern).To help your hair with growth apply vitamin E oil between each cornrow and along your …

100% Natural Babe Wash Day Routine

I have been 100% natural for a year and four month now but prior to my natural journey from childhood till teenage years my hair was straightened with chemical first accidentally then my mother continued straitening my hair in order to manage my hair texture.

In April of 2018, a few hour after I had straightened my hair I decided to cut my hair and transition to fully natural during my journey I embraced my natural hair and I loved it!!
 Through out the year and four months of my journey I have learnt tips and tricks on how to manage and improve the growth of my 4c hair.

Wash Day Routine!!!!! (4c Natural Hair)